Mark Funke Books

Our Process



Purveyors of objectively rare paper objects

We are extremely selective of not only the paper we collect, but also of the homes in which we place them. We strive to match the artifacts that will survive us all, these historical records, with buyers that share our respect for their value and seek to preserve their legacy for future generations.

From the mundane to the exquisite, we source our material worldwide, with an emphasis on paper from continental Europe. Our personal love of the German language continues to be clearly reflected in our inventory. The vast majority of our inventory is not available online, and never was. Much of the pieces are the only copies that exist.

Our formula for selecting paper is simple: Curate, from plethora of noise, those rare paper objects that have meaning and tell a story. We accomplish this through rigorous research that allows us to uncover the truths contained in each artifact and contextualize their importance for our collectors.