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MF 022 | RAF Wanted for Kidnapping and Murder

Entführung und vierfacher Mord in Köln
[Kidnapping and Quadruple Murder in Cologne]

Double-sided original German federal police wanted flyer of RAF members Friedericke Krabbe and Peter Willy Stoll for the kidnapping of industrialist Dr. Hanns-Meyer Schleyer and the murder of his driver and three police officers. Along with double-sided A4 notice from the Bundeskriminalamt [German federal police]. The kidnapping and later murder of industrialist Schleyer was a defining moment in the RAF’s history. The Polaroid of Schleyer in captivity is the defining image of radical left terrorism in West Germany.  

Stoll was shot and killed by police during his capture in 1978. Krabbe was never caught and remains underground to this day. 

Format 11.75” x 8.25” (A4)
In German.

Published Bundesdruckerei: Wiesbaden, 1977

Price $450